Must do Things for Product Packaging.


Consumer products brand is led by the false notion that all shoppers make rational and informed decision. Buyers buy things by aid of instinct and colour or shape. For a brand designer to be termed as successful they must be able to capture the reptilian brain instead of using logic. Bio receptive triggers are a good way to go as they affect emotion and action at the subconscious level. Comprehending these cues will be helpful in helping brands to link to buyers. To realize success, every product must initiate a series of thoughts that will result in purchase of the commodity.

The first cue is that your brand should be well positioned and oriented to catch the eye of the buyer. Sharp pointy object do this perfectly by triggering fear and caution in the body. These are called cusps and are widely use in the market as at present. Integrating cusp shapes in your brand will surely attract the eye of anyone who happens to see it in his peripheral vision. A simple design is more effective because the market is agitated or busy. This is because we do not often experience situations of visual and auditory calm to enable concentrating on it. Simplicity might seem a factor to underestimate but it has seen the expansion of some companies to offshore markets. Make sure that your brand passes the five-year-old-test by sending a boy aged five to find it in a store. Make your brand easy to understand and distinct enough to tell from substitutes.

The main reason why most advertisements contain the picture of people who are looking directly into your face is that eye contact is a crucial element to product marketing. Customers require a brand that makes you feel something and in this respect, when a person is looking at you tend to be compelled to look. This is considered the most powerful tool in promotion of your brand. The best design agency should look to trigger some emotional response in the potential consumer. The other tip worth mentioning is creating iconic assets for packaging. Packaging is very important as it offers a platform for communication with the consumer.

The colour of the packaging and topography of the brand logo such as from Smashbrand are crucial things to consider. The logo should look to deviate the focus of the consumer to its center. Product packages should widely use bio motive triggers to harness the power in the science of attraction.

This is vital for any product packaging or designing company like that looks to make an impact on the existing product market.

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